Tweet tweet

So I joined twitter a week or two back ... not sure how long I'll stick with it, think I'd be more into it if I had unlimited messaging on my phone.

I kinda want to invest in a smart phone & data plan ... but, do I REALLY need it? To be honest, not really. So, I guess we'll see... I think after the wedding I might finally go through the hassle of getting off my dad's plan and me and Aaron going in together on a phone plan. But, we'll see, I like not having to pay for my phone :p

So, anyway, between twitter & facebook, how will one keep up? I also haven't really been in the mood to LJ post much lately ... though I'm still reading friend's pages, etc. I also want to try to keep posting on my blogger blog ... so we'll see how that goes.

Oh, big project for class is submitted, so I'm nearing the end.

On deck for the rest of Sunday:
Grocery shopping
Finish wedding invites

79 days...

... until my wedding.


Still have soo much to do, but sooo unmotivated. hahaha.

I have a huge project I need to finish for this stupid class I'm taking, but I feel like I should be wedding planning. The class should be wrapped up in about 1 1/2 weeks, so in reality I should probably focus on that.

On the other hand, I have no idea what the plans are for my shower, but I know there is one and one thing has been purchased off the registry. I thought I had figured out what day it is, but apparently I was wrong (according to my co-worker) ... I have another day in mind, but part of me is thinking my mom has really pulled one over on me.

I hate this ... I am totally the girl that shakes every Christmas present so it kills me to not know what's going on.

Things I've thought about lately....

If I were growing up during the civil rights movement, would I be fighting for or against? I'd like to think for ... I mean I'm a staunch liberal, in favor of equal rights for all, etc. But is that because of the enivironment I've grown up in? Would I have thought differently if I grew up during the times of segregation?

Do you think new presidents get new mattresses? I wouldn't want to sleep in the same bed as G.W. Who moves their stuff in? I'd like to see the "changing of the families" - it must be such a sight. After all, in one day Bush has to be out and Obama in.

Hello 2009, nice to meet you

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions ... I always forget them, never stick to them and I don't like setting myself up for failure.

So, if I were to set some resolutions, what would they be?
-Get more organized
-Read more
-Write more (man I seem to have abandoned both LJ and that other little blog I started....)
-Keep the house clean

A year or two ago, probably more closely to two, I started the 101 in 1001 day project ... where you try to accomplish 101 things in 1,001 days. Yeah, that didn't last long. Maybe I'll try to do something similar.

New Year's Eve was pretty good ... we went to Providence for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones again.

Tried checking into the wrong hotel, since one is "Marriott Providence Downtown" and the other is "Courtyard by Marriott Providence Downtown". They're less than a mile apart, and the Courtyard was closer to the concert and we managed to walk home after, though it was FREEZING.

With the snow storm it took us for-ev-er to drive down there, so by the time we checked in we were starving. Ordered food from the Union Station Brewery, which was great since they also deliver growlers (64 oz of their beer). Mmmm. Then down to Lupos - where I then indulged in some raspberry stoli's and sprite. I enjoyed the openers (they had 3, but we only saw the last 2) and the first 1/2 hour of the Bosstones show.

Then, I felt incredibly sick and sat down in the lobby on their couches trying not to yak. The fun thing about that is the people watching ... I had one drunk man next to me who started smacking me in the head when "that song" came on (which was "where did you go", one of their hits). And a drunk girl on the other side checking up on me because "I'm sitting next to you and I'm a girl...". Oh, how amusing.

Back to the room, popped some champagne and passed out only 1/2 way through our glasses.



Merry Christmas everyone! (and also Happy Hannukah and the like as well!)

I *love* Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. Which is why Aaron proposed on Christmas last year ... being that he didn't want to wait for our anniversary he thought it would be a good occassion. I can't believe we've been engaged for a year now - crazy. And that our wedding is just over 7 months away. Shit man. I need to finish planning!

Anyhow, the only thing that sucks about Aaron being a pharmacy tech ... and working for a pharmacy that serves long term care facilities ... means they're open on all major holidays. He got Christmas off last year, and had Thanksgiving off and will have New Years Day off - so, he's working this Christmas.

So, we got up just after 7, I made coffee and we opened gifts. Then I made a good cinnamon french toast breakfast and turkey sausages. He did good this year ... a beautiful hand made jewelery box (which actually the uncle of one of the pharmacists makes) and some necklaces and earrings. Of course this was one of the several ideas I gave him - since my jewelery boxes were stolen last year when our house was broken into.... along with most of my jewelery.

And for him? I got him Bruins tickets for the January 13th game against the Canadiens. Three days before his birthday and one of their biggest rivals. Yeah, I'm that awesome :p

So now I'm finishing my coffee, watching "A Christmas Story", in my new fleezy robe.

The only thing that was missing this year, so far, is the annual Auclair gathering. Every Christmas Eve, for who knows how long, but every Christmas Eve that Aaron and I have been dating, we go to his Aunt Sue's house for a family party with his mom's side. This year he was supposed to close - until 8 - no way we'd get down to Fall River in time. Then they changed the hours until 6... so at least we could catch the tail end.. but, no gathering. Since his grandmother passed away a little over a month ago one of his aunt's (who was her caretaker) said it was "too soon". But, we drove down and spent the evening with his Aunt Sue anyway. She's probably one of my favorite Aunts of Aaron's - very sweet and genuine. So that was nice, we sat and chatted, she made us chourice and peppers.

Ah, Christmas. Maybe I should wash some dishes from the great baking mess of 2008 ...

I voted ...

Oh, voting.

Aaron and I walked down to our polling place for 7:30 this morning. Giant line. I'm happy to report it moved swiftly and counting our walk back to the apartment - 1 hour.

Not bad.

Voting made me realize how liberal Jamaica Plain is. The only signs outside were for Obama. People were chatting about how this is such an exciting time (yet Aaron couldn't sleep since he is super nervous about it all). One girl offered to get coffee for us and came back with "Obama scones" - blueberry. Apparently the McCain scones were cranberry.

Made me feel really good about my community :) Partly because how nice everyone is and partly because we're all liberals.


And another one to prove that people have WAY too much time on their hands (of course, though, I do find these things...):

This has been a good week.

I think I've found my wedding dress.

I also scored a fab keynote for our youth conference in January.

Oh, and I managed to escape jury duty ... I was being considered for a murder trial - that would have lasted 10 days, before deliberations. Some young kid that was shot a few years back ... I nearly lost my shit reading the potential witness list, hearing the brief overview of the case, and just thinking about having to sit on this jury. One of our alums, who I mentor fairly closely, had her cousin shot and killed last year, all I could think of is what she went through - and still goes through - trying to make sense of it. That is ultimately what got me "dismissed". Note to self, living in Boston means you've got a higher chance of being on some scary ass trials.

And I also think I should be getting a good raise with my promotion. Though nothing is signed on the dotted line, but we do have an email agreeing to what my compensation should be.

Yup, good week.

Did you catch that?

So I was watching Good Morning America this morning like I do every morning.

They were reporting on how Sarah Palin has "reinvigorated" stylish glasses and everyone wants frames like hers... OK, sure. The woman in the report put on a pair similar to one she wore and said "am I exuding Alaska Republican?" the clerk is like "um..." and she pulls her hair up and says "how about now?"

Then they make a comment how the glasses aren't just stylish, but help your eyesight for moose hunting - and a clip of Sarah Palin and a gun (looks like an army firing range).

Now cut to the Good Morning America Couch ... one of the anchors has on the Sarah Palin frames ... Bill Weir says "OK can you do the up-do?" she pulls her hair up. Then what does he say? "Now let's get her a gun, do we have a rifle?"

IMMEDIATE cut to a commercial. Something tells me that wasn't a mistake (the quick cut) ... but rather a "Oh shit he shouldn't have said that"


One more thing...

I finally got a Wii Fit yesterday! And just in time for me to get bad news about my high cholesterol :p ....

The games are fun ... strength training could actually be useful workout wise. I enjoy the hula hooping ... seriously does get your heart pumping. Definitely not a gym substitute, but a good add on, since it's fun to play and you're up and moving.

Speaking of the gym ... I'm scheduled to go back next week ... stupid cholesterol. The doctor doesn't want to put me on meds since I'm still young and all (plus have good blood pressure and good good cholesterol) so she thinks I can do it on my own. Bastard. We'll see how this goes ... I have to retest in 6 months.