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Sarah Palin

Let's examine the facts:

-Mother a disabled child
-Son soon to be deployed to Iraq
-NRA member
-Came into the Governorship with a rattle and rolling of "change"

It seems to me that McCain is grasping for straws by finding a VP candidate that can appeal to as many special interests as possible.

But I suppose you can't use that whole "experience" excuse again considering she's only been Governor for 2 years...

Oh, and from what I've seen, she's not a great speech giver (seems very wobbly in the clips I've seen from earlier today).

Having Mitt would have been more amusing.

Odd timing

Right after a big thunder boom hits ...

The weather man reports "the thunderstorms are getting closer".


More miscellaneous things:
-I've started a blog (worklivebe.blogspot.com). I'm intending it be my adventure through an overworked unpaid career in nonprofit management, trying to stay unjaded enough to still do meaningful things in my off time (yeah, work's been fun lately).
-In my search for similar blogs, I've found that I heart Google reader.
-Still working on my master plan for my job ... knowing how quick my organization is with these things, I may be saying this upon my return from my honeymoon next year.
-I'm doing lots of research for professional development opportunities and organizations for volunteer management.
-Spanish class is almost over. I'm not a fan. Not that I'm not a fan of the language - I am and still want to learn it. Still not a fan of the online learning/college when it comes to languages. I need to find a homestudy method.

Engagement Photos!

(sorry to those of you that have seen these in the wedding planning communities too!)

I'm so excited that our engagement photos are back! Here are some of our favorites. Our photographer is Kelly from out of Boston.
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It feels like it's been awhile

Perhaps it has been.

Lots has been going on, but I just haven't felt motivated to update. Some bullet points of my life:

-Went to Maine for our anniversary. Saw a moose.
-Did our engagement photos, still waiting for them to come back.
-Currently running a week long "business bootcamp" for our students ... has been going great.
-Evil plan to expand my job at work is going as planned, but will only disclose when everything is signed on the dotted line, if it gets to that point.
-Currently thinking about starting a blog about being a young nonprofit professional ... and all the humorous things that go along with that. Still need to do my research since I'm sure something similar probably exists.
-Not currently very motivated about my Spanish class ... maybe something like Rosetta stone would be best. Hrm.
-Hungry, going to cook dinner.

Birthday Week run-down

I did have almost a full birthday week of festivities.

First, my coworkers... they think they're funny. I came in on Tuesday to bats. Plastic bats all over my office ... small plastic ones, bats on suction cups, and even a bat costume.

evidenceCollapse )

So that was amusing, and now we have a lot of bats, bats that could be used for wedding decorations ;)

Wednesday we had a budget meeting at my boss's house. We spent the morning on her porch having fun with numbers. Then we went out for Mexican. Lovely lunch on the patio of the restaurant until it started to rain. Luckily we were just waiting for the check. On the drive back it was POURING with thunder and lightening, because that's what it's been doing lately. Our budget papers were outside. We were soaked. So were our budgets. Boss lady gave us towels to dry off and our budgets were warmed in the oven.
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Things worked out in the end and budgets were written.

Thursday was a half day at work and Friday was family celebration day. We went to my parent's house for pizza and then went with Arik to Bridgewater's fireworks. Arik was happy that Uncle Aaron was there to visit. They saw firetrucks, played ball, and danced ...
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Buggy didn't much care for the fireworks ... he was so tired and shook up afterward that he even clung to Auntie Laura. That says a lot.

We went back to my parent's house for icecream cake and then returned back to Boston for fireworks number 2 ... no I don't mean the show on the esplanade, I mean the people lighting fireworks from the median strip on Blue Hill Ave in Mattapan.

Yesterday, actual birthday day was a low-key celebration at Doyle's with some friends. It was fun, they have Sam Cherry Wheat on tap (love!), and I got to have my favorite pub food all in appetizer form. Aaron and I shared some mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings and sweet potato fries (love! again!).

Now that all of that guilt-inducing birthday fare is over... it's back to the gym :p


Aaron passed his Pharmacy Technician Certification Test!

Now he just has to go through all the paperwork, notarized affidavit of how many hours he's worked, and he can be registered tech!

I'm dancing - dancing - dancing with joy!
*Very few celebrity deaths really affect me with sadness ... George Carlin, he's one of them.

*Spanish is going OK ... I suck at memorizing vocabulary and I feel it will only bite me in the ass later on.

*Work is also going OK. I'm finally doing just my job and having a hard time readjusting ... I've done 2-3 people's jobs on top of mine so not only am I suddenly finding myself with TONS of time to do things I've always wanted to do, but I also am having a hard time feeling "out of the loop" not having my hands in EVERYTHING. I'm currently working on something that will put more on my plate if it works, details when I actually know if it has any chance of happening.

*Wedding planning is not going. I've got the few "big" things I felt I needed to do (location, date, photographer, minister) so I'm sitting back for awhile. Won't be going dress shopping until September, when the baseball season is over for my mom ... otherwise she can't take days off and I don't want to go to a David's Bridal or equally as crazy store on a weekend. Not to mention she usually works the weekends during the season.

*My birthday is soon. Not sure what we're doing yet ... thinking of going to a baseball game (Rox not Sox), but part of me wants to do something "different" than what we would normally do.

Sometimes I wish I had more profound things to share. Guess not this time.


So three weeks ago I started my online Spanish class.

I've come to realize that we learned NOTHING in high school Spanish. For instance, I took Spanish from about 95-97.... letters we learned in the alphabet (ll, rr, ch, etc.) were actually removed from the alphabet in 94. Ok, I understand our books were outdated, but you'd hope that the instructor would be up to date.

I'm also learning vocabulary that I never remember learning and/or learned much further in than 2 weeks. Maybe it's because it's college level so it's more "advanced" but I can't help but feel cheated :p

It's been difficult to adjust to an online "pace yourself" class. We have assignments and quizzes that are due each Sunday. I thought we had to do the whole chapter, which is A LOT so I was stressing myself out. After taking my first quiz and then looking at the syllabus for next week I found out it's HALF a chapter ... so, needless to say, I have about 1/2 my work for next week done.

Durh. Don't think this class will be that bad ... I believe I'll be able to pass which is what I need to do to be reimbursed from work.

Boston sucks you into sports

I used to not be a sports fan. Well, as a child a HUGE baseball fan. My great grandfather was head of security at Shea Stadium so it was all Mets all the time.

I got back into baseball after my mom started working for a professional league team (not even minor league), and I started going to those games and watching the Sox.

Then Aaron came along and we started watching football on Sundays. Now that I understand the game I don't mind it (although I wouldn't watch it on my own accord).

Aaron is an even bigger hockey fan, though I'm not there yet.

Now I have the Celtics game on (well pre game). Basketball is OK. I understand it, I've been to a few games for work. But, I don't watch it ... ever. But I just can't help myself! I get so caught up in the home-town pride (even though I'm a relatively new Boston transplant ... 3 years living in the city but 20 years as a Masshole! (as a side note I can't believe we moved to MA from NY 20 years ago!!!)).

Rabies has been going well ... we went for shot #3 today and were in and out in less than an hour. Nice.

Oh, and I got to see Joelle aka Foxie Renard in her first Providence Roller Derby bout! So exciting - it was my first roller derby event and again, once I understood what was going on it was a lot of fun to watch. Luckily one of the people I was with was paying attention to the tutorial. I think Aaron and I may go to the Boston Derby Dames bout next Saturday ... I should probably buy tickets or something.

Hrm what else ... got my butt back to the gym today. The campus gym has odd hours during the summer so it's been hard to motivate myself. But, I did step on the scale for the first time in about a month and am down 6 pounds! I couldn't believe it! Though some of my pants are fitting better :)



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